Marc Allen has been in providing the finest in bespoke, luxury menswear to discerning New Englanders for the past 15 years. Throughout our journey, our community has been at the forefront of our success and we regularly give back through clothing donations to many local nonprofits. In addition, we recently donated thousands of masks to frontline healthcare workers throughout the state.

Due to Covid, we closed our Newport location to minimize our financial impact and consolidated to our flagship store in Providence. This leaves us with more "past season" inventory than ever before, giving a high level from past seasons and therefore not a viable sales option for us with our existing clients, giving us a unique opportunity to provide more than

$100,000 worth of fine European clothing to local non-profits.


We hope to simply lift up the spirits of those who may not be able to enjoy the upcoming holidays, either by not being able to afford a gift for that special man in their life, or possibly be able to buy themselves a new shirt for when they go back to the office...we know firsthand that clothes make a huge difference in how people look and feel.


Please take a few minutes to fill out the below questions in your email reply, so that we may consider which organizations best fit the needs profile:


1.  Please tell us a bit about your organization and its mission.



2.  How will you decide to whom you will give the clothing?




3.  How will you make it available?




4.  Will you agree not to resell the merchandise and ONLY give to those who need it most?




5. Contact name, email and phone number.

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