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Baudoin & Lange

The Belgian loafer... redefined...

Baudoin & Lange is a vehicle for the development of a different kind of luxury, one that is defined by equal parts beauty, well-living and cultural heritage.

We seek to create a new sense of “well-living” for our clientele, through the comforting thoughtfulness we integrate into every product we design.

All of our products embody our core values of Elegance, Craftsmanship, and Comfort.

We embrace elegance in every detail of our products.All of our footwear is handmade, with a bespoke-level of craftsmanship, by our master artisans, trained in the ways of Baudoin & Lange.

We achieve the most comfortable products within each category we market through proprietary construction methods, using only the very best materials and leathers sourced from the bespoke industry.

Craftsmanship Principles

“Conservation of Balance” is integral to our functioning as a company, requiring commitments that are both technical and principled. At the level of technique, it requires responsible sourcing, careful use of natural resources, and minimal waste. It means guiding the product through its whole life cycle from production to consistent and joyful use. At the level of principles, conservation demands that we prioritize slower, more responsible work and products through extensive research. By working with our local suppliers and tanneries together as a closely bound group, we commit to a deliberate and inherently thoughtful production process - approaching each project with the determination to create the next category-defining product in the utmost sustainable way.

Baudoin & Lange handcrafts comfortable, elegant Belgian loafers and boots fit for a modern lifestyle. The world's most effortless footwear, luxury shoes and boots carefully handmade in our ateliers.

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