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How long does it take to make a suit?


Our made to measure custom suits take approximately 6-8 weeks. Bespoke custom suits take approximately 12-14 weeks for the first order. Always best to plan ahead for custom orders.


How much actual time does it take to make a suit?


Each of our handmade bespoke 2 piece suits take no less than 50 hours of labor to create.


How long does it take to make custom shirts?


Approximately 5-6 weeks.


What’s the difference between a bespoke & a made to measure suit?


Both are custom made for the client, but designed and created in different ways:


A bespoke suit has its pattern drawn & cut, by hand, for each individual client. The entire garment is designed, cut & crafted by hand from scratch. It is then honed in different fitting stages directly on the clients body.


Our made to measure suit is based off from pre-existing patterns that we have created. It has a great deal of handwork in places of importance such as the armholes and collar. It is also fully canvased construction. There is an initial fitting and then a second when we have the clients suit or jacket crafted for any finishing touches that it may require.

Do you do custom made shoes?


We do offer a made to order footwear line where you can select your size & width. The shoe will be crafted for you in any style & leather in Italy by hand. Delivery is in about 4-5 months. So, best to plan ahead.


Do you offer suit/tuxedo rentals or take measurements for other companies/makers?

No we do not offer rentals or provide measurements for other companies or garment makers. We suggest a rental shop or alterations tailor.

Do you do outside alterations?

No, we do not do outside alterations. Our tailors are here for our shop's own custom garment finishing work & alterations on our ready to wear clothing. We suggest searching for an alterations tailor shop.

What does “fully canvassed” mean?


The canvas is what gives the jacket its shape. We use a few different blends of linen, horsehair & wool to achieve either a heavier or a lighter weight for the correct styling of the jacket. Fully canvassed means the canvas runs the full length of the coat front. It is hand stitched to the fronts and the lapels of the jacket. All of our custom suits are fully canvassed.


Most department store suits are entirely machine made & glued together on the inside to cut down on costs as much as possible. Often the interior is synthetic material which can become warped in dry cleaning. As a result they often don’t last as long or fit as well. A good depiction of "disposable clothing."


How much do your suits cost?


That depends on a few factors that vary quite a bit. Our fully handmade Bespoke suits are more than the Made to Measure. However fabric also determines the cost of a suit. For instance a cashmere & silk jacket can end up being significantly more than a 130s merino wool suit. We suggest giving us a ring or making an appointment to discuss options.


How many fabric selections do you offer?


We have a fabric library in shop and offer thousands of options from the world’s top mills. Seasonal fabrics are refreshed every six months.


Do you travel to clients for custom wardrobes?


Yes we do. Contact us & we will give you a breakdown of what we offer for Custom Wardrobes on the go.


Where do you find the ready to wear items for your shop?


A few times a year we travel to Italy, visiting Florence for the Pitti Uomo shows, Milan showrooms & working directly with artisans in & around Naples. Over the course of these trips we build our ready to wear collections for each season from the rarest and highest quality manufacturers from around the world.


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