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A New Future, A New Vision...

We are very happy to finally announce the next chapter of Marc Allen...

We have purchased our existing location & the adjacent building. Over the next few months we will begin creating a new, larger scale experience. Once completed we will offer a larger & more comfortable Custom Clothing Lounge, & a much larger ready to wear showroom.

Our goal is to offer more space to work with multiple clients at once while offering a greater breath of selection. The new shop will be divided up into different areas to work one on one with each individual client. The specially designed shelving systems will allow us to redress the Ready to Wear section in multiple fashions. Overall achieving a fresh & workable new space.

We have already secured multiple new partners for this expansion of our Ready to Wear division with more on the way. New additions include: MooRER, Herno, Sartorio, Borreillo, Jacob Cohën, Emanuele Maffeis, Sartoria Natale, CQP, Sartoria Partenopea, Arcuri & more. Sportswear & tailored clothing categories will continue to be expanded with unique, high quality makers.

The Custom Lounge will boast new comfortable furniture & entertainment as well as a bar. We will be adding additional fabric suppliers to increase the already massive selection of fabrics that we offer. At present we offer over 7,000 fabrics & this will be increased a good deal beyond. New designs & modeling will be showcased to give a better idea to our clients of all we can offer via our Bespoke & Made to Measure Custom Services.

There will be a few fun additions that have nothing really to do with custom or ready to wear clothing, but speak to the personality of the shop itself.

Our goal is an early Spring 23 opening. Maybe a little party to kick thing off... Stayed tuned...

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