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Cold Weather Fabrics

As the cooler temps set in it becomes time to switch up your wardrobe accordingly.

Whether to combat the cold air or to look seasonally appropriate, selecting the correct fabrics for the colder weather is just as important as selecting warm weather cloth. One always looks best dressing to the season they are in. As we are based in New England there really isn't a "year round" fabric option as it can be 90 degrees and humid in the summer and below zero with a foot of snow on the ground in the winter.

There are several fabric options to consider & here we will begin to break them down a bit. Essentially these are your core options for seasonal cold weather cloth for #suits, #jackets, #topcoats (and other outerwear), a #trousers: Flannel wool, #cashmere, heavier cottons (corduroy, brushed cottons, #moleskin), & tweed (also wool).

Above is pictured a #flannel wool from the world's oldest operating fabric mill Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663. Now this particular cloth is brushed to create the flannel effect but its actual weight is very much inline with midrange weight wools, so it isn't particularly heavy. This cloth is meant to create an appropriate seasonal look but still be comfortable when worn indoors.

Cashmere is an all together warmer cloth than wool and up until recently was largely suggested solely for jacket due to its slightly more delicate nature. However, new innovations in weaving this fiber have allowed us to also offer them in trousers. The softness of cashmere is its most coveted quality, but the extra warmth the fiber provides is a welcome addition as well.

Below you'll find a corduroy suit. One of the most casual options available for cold weather suiting can also be made in trousers and jackets (even a topcoat if you want something particularly unique). Brushed cotton and moleskin (a very heavy weight soft cotton) can also be made up in any of these options for a more casual, yet stylish look.

Some finer options in #corduroy are also available...

And on to the next... #tweed

Finally we come to tweed. There are various types and weights of tweed and some are blended with other fabrics to soften this more course cloth. Tweed which is a more rough and heavy weight wool hails from the UK (both Scotland & England). It is by far the most durable of the cold weather cloths and is typically presented in various heritage styles of patterns and weaves. Tweed is used to make anything from outerwear, to casual-wear, to suits, jackets and trousers...

This just about covers the majority of options for cold weather cloth. Though for the full breadth of options & styles a visit to the shop is suggested. Literally 1000s of options are available for custom tailoring & a few unique of the rack options as well...

We hope you stay warm & stylish during the cold months of the year. Just remember if your flannel jacket & cashmere sweater & all else fail, there's always scotch... ;) Cheers!

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