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Custom Benefits

The benefits available in the world if custom clothing are numerous, to say the least. It used to be this was the only way men's wardrobes were created, before mass production & large stores. Allow us to highlight some of the common & perhaps less common benefits of custom made tailored clothing...

Fit is obviously the first thing that comes to mind when people think of custom & for good reason. If you've had trouble finding things to properly fit your body type, or you just want them to fit a certain way, custom allows for both of these features.

That being said there are many types of "custom" & many different makers. Made to measure custom clothing is available in many different qualities & not all are created equal. Today many "Custom Clothing" makers are really dressed up made to order makers, applying stock sizes to create clothing rather than incorporating actual measurements & taking into account a client's posture and nuances of various parts of the individual's body. Other's are entirely machine made & lack fitting features, while relying on outdated patterns.

Another key feature is fabric availability. Everyone of us has walked into a big box store with rack of stock suits. Even if you fit perfectly into a stock size at most you may be able to pick from 20-30 suits, maybe. With custom made clothing from our shop you have literally thousands of options. (Don't worry we know that can be overwhelming, that's where we come in to help whittle that down to what you want &/or need).

In addition to fabric selections the ability to style your garments to your own individual tastes is another key feature of custom made clothing. Styling options such as lapels, pockets, vents, pleats or no, side tabs or belt loops, 2 button or 3 rolled to 2 button... The options are numerous.

Another potential benefit is once your pattern has been secured & if you don't fluctuate dramatically in weight throughout the year, you can order clothing made without ever stepping into the shop. However if you do fluctuate, as many of us do, it often means just an update to your pattern on file.

At the end of the day a high quality custom garment stands the test of time, fits great & highlights the owner's unique style.

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