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KITON... The best of Napoli.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Absolutely no compromises in quality, whatsoever.

Kiton was founded by Ciro Paone in Arzano, Naples in 1968. The name Kiton derives from "chiton", a form of tunic fastened at the shoulder worn by men and women of Ancient Greece and Rome. In 2009, Kiton bought the Carlo Barbera woollen mill, which had been founded in 1949 in Biella. This allows them to produce their own unique fabrications only available thru Kiton. Today the company is known worldwide as the absolute pinnacle in menswear hand tailored garments & sportswear.

Kiton maintains five points of Italian production in Arzano, Collecchio, Fidenza, Marcianise and Biella. With over 800 employees, an army of tailors & their own tailoring school, teaching the art of Neapolitan hand tailoring, the scope of Kiton is unmatched in quality & production.

Only one hundred pieces per day for 25 hours of work to ensure the highest quality and obsessive attention to every detail. Each suit & jacket is hand-cut and tacked, without using a machine. The harmony is provided by the deft touch of the artisan who eliminates, almost as if by magic, any imperfection that all human bodies inevitably conceal.

“I haven’t got a degree: I graduated from the university of life”

- Ciro Paone, Founder of Kiton.

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