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When the temperature increases the entire world switches over to linen... except for the majority of the US that is...

For some reason we seem to see again and again men in the US shying away from linen. The number one complaint we hear??? "I like linen but it wrinkles" To us that's like saying I like cashmere, but it's too soft.

The very nature of linen is to show off these wrinkles as part of the casual style and effect of the cloth and garment itself. Be it trousers, a jacket or a casual warm weather suit... it's time to embrace the wrinkles. This cloth is perfect for looking and feeling effortlessly cool in the warmer months or regions of the world.

Our advice? Stop trying to make linen into something that it's not... Embrace the casual artfully disheveled look and feel more comfortable while doing so.

Irish linen (pictured above) has a great heavy crispness to it which really showcases the casual look of the cloth, particularly when cut into a warm weather sporty suit.

The cloth above makes for a unique and high style flowing vacation pant for a stylish island or coastal getaway. This cloth is courtesy of Neapolitan cloth makers Cacciopolli 1920. A bit more much a suit or jacket in our opinion, but a very fun & relaxed trouser option.

For those not quite ready to fully, completely & 100% embrace the full linen look... we present our most popular cloth blend for the warmer weather... Linen/ Silk/ and Wool. (This one pictured above comes courtesy of another Neapolitan cloth maker: Ariston of Napoli 1920. (Seems there was a new company boom in cloth in Napoli in the 1920s).

This cloth can be blended in many ways with more or less linen in the overall cloth... more linen=more wrinkles, less linen=less wrinkles. We offer an extensive amount of cloth in this variation from the likes of Ariston, Cacciopolli, Carlo Barbera, & Loro Piana. Shown in solids and patterns this lightweight warm weather blend is a favorite of many for jackets & suits.

Last but not least... we step away from suits, jackets & trousers and into the worlds of shirts. We do offer full linen shirts which are comfortable and breathable for warm weather days. However, our most popular summer shirt cloth is the linen & cotton blend. (This coral stripe above is courtesy of Finamore for our Spring 2021 collection). The softness, lightness & breathability of this blend is beyond compare.

Once again we humbly suggest you embrace the wrinkles , the casual style & enjoy linen this summer.

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