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Sport coats & Blazers

Remember that whole a rectangle is a square but a square isn't necessarily a rectangle? Or was it the other way around? Anywho...

So a blazer is a solid color sport jacket, where a sport jacket with patterns and other colors is, well, a sport jacket. So a blazer is a sport jacket but a sport jacket isn't always a blazer. Got it? Maybe?

Double breasted blazer (above)

A blazer is the dressiest form of sport jacket (or sport coat, same thing). It's what you wear when you don't want to wear a suit but still want to look really put together. They can be made in many styles (single or double breasted, different pockets, different lapels, makes, etc...).

We prefer to use a more textured weave such as a hopsack for a blazer rather than a flat finish standard wool. Helping to further distinguish it from a suit jacket you just threw on. Also either horn, mother of pearl (for summer) or metal buttons (most traditional) are used. Where as suit buttons typically more closely match the fabric of the suit itself.

Sport jackets come in multiple pattern options (plaids & check varieties mainly, though there are others). Also the breadth of color options in jackets is immense. Sport coats, much more than suits, are very seasonal. Typically offered in lightweight wool, cottons, linens, silks and blends of each for the warmer weather. Then heavier weight flannel wools, cashmeres & blends for the colder months.

Wool/silk/linen blend sport coat for warmer weather. (above)

Sport jackets offer the most variety of patterns, fabrics, colors & styles from any tailored garment. Some are more easily dressed down with jeans than others. But by far sport jackets offer the most amount of fun & individual specific style of any tailored garment.

Unstructured blazer interior example. (above)

A favorite style or cut or make of sport jacket or blazer for us is the unconstructed model. This option with the total absence of a canvas interior lends itself to the most casual cut of jacket. We highly suggest trying this for your warmer weather more casual jacket desires, but we do offer it year round. In the winter months it can feel as close as possible to wearing a sweater when a heavier cloth is utilized.

A fall/winter sport jacket cloth (above)

If you haven't explored sport jacket options yet we would highly suggest it. The perfect unique piece for a nice dinner or night out where you get to feel stylish & well put together, but you don't look like you just walked straight out of a boardroom meeting.

All fabrics are available in both our Bespoke & Made to Measure custom offerings. Cheers!

A variation of a breast patch pocket. Crafted in one of our handmade Bespoke offerings. (above)

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