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Just like many of you we write this post coming from the point of view... where to start? A wedding can be a daunting task & a tremendous amount of work. However we also think it should be a relatively easy & enjoyable process... (at least on our end & we are producing for you & the process ;) ).

We'd first suggest determining how formal you want your wedding look to be. Three tiers come to mind: Relaxed, Semi Formal & Black Tie.Summer relaxed beach wedding? We'd suggest a soft construction cotton or linen suit. Fairly formal occasion, or at least a bit more so than relaxed linen suit? We'd suggest a crisp wool suit (lighter-weight wool for the warm months & heavier for the cool ones). Going full formal, then it's black tie for you. But here let's break it down a bit further...

The relaxed wedding option: A cotton soft construction or jacket in a more casual fabric: Lightweight cotton or linen for the summer and a moleskin variation for the winter are great options for looking seasonally appropriate & relaxed, yet stylish and put together. The soft shoulders and light construction pair down the formalness of the cut.

The semi formal option: The most commonly utilized option & best suited if you aren't quite sure about which way to go. Lightweight wools for the hot months and heavier for the cool are the way to go to always look & feel your best for the season. Typically a navy solid wool or a grey wool solid are the best selections but you can also have some fun with more unique colors and some patterns. A wool/linen/silk blend suit or jacket for the summer is a good way to split the difference between a 100% linen casual option and a traditional suit. This option wrinkles less than the all linen, but don't fight those wrinkles as it's all part of the relaxed beach style... should you decide to go that route. The semi formal option also can be used for may other events later on down the road.

Also don't rule out the 3 piece option, even or possibly especially in the summer time. At many ceremonies the jacket often comes off quickly. A shirt and pant alone can look a little too relaxed. The vest helps keep you put together and lets you cool down at the same time.

Finally there's the black tie scenario: For when you want that sleek, sophisticated, formal look. A two or 3 piece is appropriate, often in either black or midnight blue wool or a mohair/wool blend. We suggest either peak or shawl lapels and a black bowtie to match (you can play with colors but this is the route we most often suggest, especially if you're sending out black tie invites... it says it right on there ;) ). If it's a winter wedding you might consider a topcoat to go over your new tux.

We do offer a wiiiiiiide range of fabrics (1000s) and you can have a lot of fun with velvet, silk patterned or a few other black tie options if you want to step out of the box. And for all those 007 fans who have been asking us for a tux like his? We've crafted a model you can view on site to get a better idea if you want to go the JB route or another way.

Whichever style you choose you'll be guided, fit & styled appropriately for your special day. Our last bit of advice? Don't wait to the last minute. Give yourself 3/4 months at least before hand so you have one last thing to worry about. Trust us.

Oh & if you're reading this for your own wedding? Congratulations & cheers!!!

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