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Weekend Wardrobe

Updated: May 12, 2020

I’ve found that men have struggled in transitioning from a work wardrobe into a weekend wardrobe, while trying to remain sophisticated. Today, I’m going to share some advice with you all on how easy dressing for the weekend can be. To be honest, I’m sure most of you guys out there who are reading this have these items in your closet. The important part of a weekend wardrobe must be able to cover an array of activities. Whether it’s going out for brunch on Broadway, taking in the sights as we walk along the Pedestrian Bridge, or running around and interacting with your children.

Let’s begin with a strong foundation, a pair of well-tailored jeans and a light blue, oxford button-down dress shirt. Oxford cloth is slightly heavier in weight, allowing it to be worn more aggressively than your traditional business shirts. Within this article, I will discuss different options for knitwear, shoes, and outerwear that will allow you to adopt either a sportier or formal approach to the weekend.


With our foundation set, try pairing your outfit with a crewneck sweatshirt for a sportier look. The casualness of this piece gives off an Ivy League approach, while still being appropriate for activities that require a bit more movement. Think of this approach as something you’d wear if you were going to throw the football, or kick a soccer ball around with your children. If you’re looking to approach the weekend from a smarter perspective, trying pairing the outfit with a V-Neck sweater. If you haven’t check out our previous article on different ways to wear sweaters, make sure to do so after this! This approach is great if you’re looking to do weekend brunch, or meeting up with someone for coffee.


Most guys will revert to athletic sneakers, which is completely fine…but I’d like to suggest an alternative that will elevate your weekend wardrobe. If you haven’t already, I always encourage clients to invest in a pair of leather trainers. Having a pair of these adds a level of formality into the wardrobe. They still have all the functionalities of an athletic sneaker, but give off a more sophisticated silhouette, especially when paired with jeans. To take this to the opposite end of the spectrum, for a much smarter approach, try pairing your weekend outfit with a pair of suede boots, preferably Chukka or Chelsea.


The last piece of the puzzle revolves around outerwear. The sportier approach would be to pair your outfit with a bomber jacket. The cut of a bomber jacket is much shorter when compared with other pieces of outerwear. Hitting right at the waist, this is a great piece to try out for more active weekend activities. An alternative to this would be a safari jacket or commonly referred to as “field jackets.” For a more formal approach to your weekend wardrobe, try using an overcoat made up with technical fabrics. Technical fabric means something that contains stretch, water repellent, and crease-resistant properties. These fibers are on the more casual side, making them ideal for weekend wear.

All the options outlined above can be arranged in an array of combinations with one another. Try experimenting with some of these options and let us know how it turned out!

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