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Frank Clegg

Arriving this Fall season in the Marc Allen ready to wear showroom... Frank Clegg. ... The premier American made high-style travel gear, briefs & totes brand, who also happens to be our neighbor in the region will be available at MA.


You could call it an obsession—the constant need to understand how objects of innovation are built, as well as the desire to study and achieve excellence that lasts. In 1970, Frank Clegg received a gift that would allow him to create such objects, ones that could be part of daily life, for a lifetime. He had been given a set of leather tools from his girlfriend as a Christmas gift. In time, his girlfriend became his wife, and the toolset became the seed for a brand that has set the benchmark for fine leather bags and accessories for over 50 years. A generation later, Frank Clegg with his two sons, Andrew and Ian, have continued the legacy of what is now known as Frank Clegg Leatherworks. From a restored mill built in historic Fall River, Massachusetts, they and their team of specialized artisans handcraft the finest leather goods in America.


For us, bull hides are our choice since we produce larger products and require larger quality cuts. European cattle is among the most sought-after raw stock in the world as a result of their exceptional diet and lifestyle. With the combination of raw hide selection and skilled tannery artisans, the outcome is premium leather that will last for generations to come.

Here at Frank Clegg Leatherworks, we pride ourselves in creating some of the finest leather goods available. Since 1970, we have been creating timeless yet instantly recognizable products that are often described as what American luxury should be. When it comes down to it, making the finest leather goods is a complex and labor-intensive process which you can instantly see and feel. Every bag and accessory that leaves our Fall River, Massachusetts workshop is touched by Frank and our team of highly skilled artisans who ensure that each product we offer is crafted to stand the test of time.

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