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Planning Ahead - Custom Made Fall - Winter 23/24

It's always best to stay ahead of the game. This saying is especially applicable to your seasonal custom clothing orders. Being that we don't live in Southern California, or another locale where the climate is relatively the same year round, your wardrobe needs to be seasonal. It can be 95 and humid mid summer and near 0 and snowy in February in New England.

Flannels are offered in various weights depending on your needs (and more importantly wants). Heavier weight carded flannels are more traditional and can take more of a beating. If you are out and about more and walking they're a great option. That being said we offer a good deal of medium weight flannels which look seasonally appropriate, but are perfectly comfortable to wear inside for long stretches. Whether it's cut as a suit or a jacket, a brushed/flannel like texture is critical for your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

We're big fans of a soft construction or an unconstructed jacket (when appropriate). A more natural shoulder cut with a higher armhole and a strong lapel are a great look. No need to be afraid to dabble in double breasted (suit, jacket or our favorite- top coat). Once you've got your building blocks covered (navy suit, blazer, grey suit & a few trousers) it's ok to start having some fun. So go ahead & play with different cuts, fabrics & styles...

Beyond suits & jackets don't forget about the more casual shirt jacket style. A nice way to look put together but not "dressed." We love them in flannels, cashmere, & tweeds.

Lastly if you are the type of guy who has a few black tie affairs on the docket for the Fall & Winter, we would suggest adding a fun seasonal jacket into the mix... Velvet is cozy and seasonally stylish. Toss of your black or midnight tux jacket & throw this on & you are good to go.

Regardless of your needs or wants, get your orders in earlier than you might expect. August is a great time to begin placing your Fall orders so they are ready later in October for you.

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